• Taking your production to the next level

    Filming from the air adds a whole new dimension to your production; jaw dropping, seemingly impossible shots that will enhance your content and give your audience a whole different perspective.

Why Us?

We are a video production company with a proven track record in creating high quality content for a range of clients. Embracing technology which enhances the production process is at the heart of our business, and by investing and training in aerial production we are upholding that commitment.

Our creative team understands what it takes to achieve an incredible sequence of shots and how best to accomplish them. We take this approach to our aerial filming, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating sequences with breathtaking results. Unlike some adopters of this technology, we are filmmakers who fly, rather than fliers who film. This sets us apart from much of the competition.

Cost effective aerial production services up to 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition)

Aerial Photography

4K UHD RAW coming soon!

What you need to know

We are fully qualified and have a CAA permission for aerial work which is a legal requirement to provide commercial services in the UK.

Our advanced lightweight system allows us to be up in the air in next to no time. With full control of the flight system and all the camera functions from the ground. Our camera operator has a birdseye view through an immersive ‘First Person View’ headset ensuring the right shots are captured every time.

Our aim to achieve stunning visuals always works in tandem with safety, so we always fly with a two man crew. Flying a UAV is a highly skilled job as is operating a camera. With a dedicated pilot and camera operator we can ensure that technically challenging shots can always be achieved without compromising safety or creativity.

We always carry a backup aircraft ensuring your production stays on track.

We hold liability insurance up to £5 million


Rates start from £750.00 ex VAT which includes all pre-production and planning, a two man flight team and delivery of the raw footage and stills in a format of your choice. We offer discounted rates for multiple shoot days or ongoing project based work for organisations such as estate agents and hotel chains.

For full production services including aerial filming or photography please give us a call or email us at hello@brightbluemedia.co.uk.

Find out about the other services we offer here. www.brightbluemedia.co.uk


What are the next steps?

Bright Blue Media uses a variety of tools to assess a location. Normally a pre-site survey is undertaken with Google Earth or an Ordnance Survey map. This involves a check of the area, topography and any sensitive sites that would require additional permissions, such as a nuclear facility. We will look for power cables and obstructions that may hinder a safe flight and decide if we require any further permission from nearby landowners or if we require a second takeoff and landing site.

We will then check the general airspace for any restrictions such as military exercises, controlled airspace restrictions and notifications. We will also check for any High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas (HIRTA) that could interfere with the flight systems of the aircraft.

Depending on the complexity of the site layout, a visit maybe necessary to ensure that the mission can be undertaken safely.

My proposed filming location is in a no fly zone. What can we do?

No fly zones exist near airports and in military training zones but don’t always have to preclude aerial filming. We have experience speaking with air traffic control and relevant authorities and can organise for filming to go ahead in many cases.

How long can the aircraft stay airborne?

Our flying time varies depending on weather conditions but on the whole we are able to fly continuously for around 18 minutes before needing to change batteries. Battery swaps are quick and we are up flying again in no time. Of course our batteries will need to charge and we normally request from you; depending on the location and length of filming, that we have a place nearby to recharge. Our batteries charge quickly and in most cases we are recharged before the last one runs out!

Can you fly in all types of weather?

Unfortunately not. There are certain types of weather conditions that the aircraft cannot fly in and also ones you just wouldn’t want to as well, as they will compromise the content we are gathering. We don’t fly in rain as this can get into the aircraft electronics, we also don’t fly in low visibility due to fog or low cloud. Wind also plays a major factor in the operation of the aircraft so we don’t fly in wind speeds in excess of 15kts which is about 17mph as the ability to get great footage is significantly reduced. The aircraft is also affected by space weather - solar activity around the earth's magnetic field that can play havoc with the aircraft's GPS and compass systems, so we always keep an eye on this as well.

Why do you always use a two person team?

Flying an unmanned aircraft properly is a skilled job. Conditions and situations can change very quickly and a pilot can become disoriented if he or she is concentrating on getting the shot rather than flying the aircraft. Equally operating a camera requires skill and we believe that doing the two at the same time considerably compromises safety and quality. We like to focus on getting the right shots and that can only work when you have a dedicated pilot and camera operator. You wouldn’t ask someone to ride a motorbike and film with a camera at the same time?

Can you fly anywhere?

No unfortunately not. By law we are not allowed to fly the aircraft above 400ft vertical and must maintain a visual line of site with it at all times. There are also strict guidelines laid out in relation to flying over people and buildings that are not under our control. We will work closely with you though to plan the flight and seek permissions and in most cases there is always a solution. In certain circumstances an Extended Safety Case can be presented to the CAA and permission given for certain activities that push these boundaries. You can find out more about all of this here.

My friend has a small drone with a built in camera. Can he capture the footage for me?

It is not illegal to own a drone and fly it for personal use so long as you stay within the law but it is illegal to use the drone and/or the footage for commercial use. Even if you are not paying them for it, the end purposes of the content is for commercial gain so therefore your pilot must be professionally trained and hold a Permission For Aerial Work which is issued by the CAA. It is also unlikely that your friend, unless they are a professional camera operator, will reach the quality of footage that would be gathered by a skilled operator.

How can I find out more about your flight safety and operating procedures?

All of our operating procedures are laid out in our flight operations manual. When you engage us to carry out work we will send you a copy which includes detailed information about planning, safety and flight operations.