We have many years of experience making broadcast television, racking up a number of RTS nominations, dating back to the 2006 documentary "Working The Sea", (BBC) as well as being shortlisted for an Asian Media Award for "Transplants and Trafficking" (BBC) in 2016, and a BBC Ruby Award winning series in 2019 called "The Seven Saints of St Pauls". 


Our team has produced, shot or edited several documentaries for the BBC in Bristol - including "Unfinished: The Making of Massive Attack", "Vandals and Visionaries", "Railways: The Making of a Nation", "In Search of England's Green and Pleasant Land", "Sea Cities" and "Concorde: A Supersonic Story". 

Forgiving Fred & Rose West - BBC

Marian Partington had an uneasy feeling when news reports emerged from Gloucester about a number of bodies being excavated from the basement and garden of 25 Cromwell Street. Marian's sister, Lucy, had disappeared in December 1973, and her family spent over 20 years not knowing what had happened, until the sordid exploits of Fred and Rose West were revealed to the world. In this film, marking 25 years since the bodies of the victims were discovered, Marian shared her memories of Lucy, and the impact her disappearance has had, and continues to have, on her life. It's a powerful portrait of a remarkable woman, who has somehow managed to forgive the Wests for what they did, rather than harbour resentment and bitterness for her family's tragic loss.  

Transgender Love Story - BBC

When Lynne and Steve got together in the late 1960s, they had no idea of the tumultuous future that lay ahead. Steve had always been aware that something wasn't right, but the term "gender dysphoria" wasn't widely used or understood. Fast forward 50 years, Steve is now Steff, and in our RTS-nominated film we examined the complicated love story the two share, in which Lynne feels that her husband has been stolen by another woman, and Steff feels guilty for the impact it has had on her wife.