Taunton School is a progressive, inclusive boarding school based in the South West. We have been working with them to produce a wide range of films to support them in their marketing and community engagement strategies during the pandemic.

With open mornings across the country for schools postponed or cancelled, Taunton pressed ahead by moving the whole thing online. Prospective students and their parents had the chance to watch specially edited short 1-minute films, pulled together by our team, of the schools before lockdown. They were then guided through the school by the Headmaster, showing them some of the facilities that the school has to offer before a live online Q&A with members of staff. 

Originally conceived to be shot by the headmaster on a GoPro and edited by us we felt that the quality of the production could be lifted by having a very small team on-site to film it but adhering to a strict protocol of social distancing and good hygine practices. We created a mobile setup where that meant the camera never needed to be placed down and could continue to film in a efficient way. 

We have worked extensively with the school for many years so we were able to act quickly in editing together some short films showing the school at it's best. They were used as a gateway to the open morning pages on the Taunton School website.

The You are not Alone Virtual Choir was filmed by the individual choir members, uploaded to a portal and edited by us. It has had more than 15 thousand views on Facebook and a huge amount of interaction.